Wiltshire Police – Swindon North Neighbourhood Policing Team

Drop in Sessions in April, May and June 2015

The aim of Neighbourhood Policing is to have a dedicated policing team in your local community. We are here to tackle the issues that you feel are affecting the quality of life in the area in which you live.  We will work together with other agencies to deal with your concerns.

 What matters most in your community?

What affects you? Tell us your views!

 If you would like to see one of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team we will be holding drop in sessions at the following times: –

Castle Eaton  Village Hall       10.00 – 11.00am,  Thursday 16th April and Thursday 28th May.

Blunsdon Shop                               9.00 – 10.00am,  Saturday 9th May and Saturday 13th June.

South Marston Village Hall   10.30 – 11.30am,  Saturday 9th May and Saturday 13th June. 

Stanton Fitzwarren Park         12.00 – 1.00pm,  Saturday 9th May.

Hannington Jolly Tar                  19.00 – 20.00,  Tuesday 2nd June.

If you are unable to make any of these event please do not hesitate to call 101 to speak to either our Crime Prevention Officer who will be happy to talk to you, or to speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

In an EMERGENCY dial 999, all NON-EMERGENCY calls dial 101

(Your call will be recorded)



Residents to decide South Marston’s future through neighbourhood plan

First published Saturday 4 April 2015 in Newsby Elizabeth Mackley

RESIDENTS in South Marston are taking a firmer grip on the future of the village after applying for designated neighbourhood area status.

After they have been granted the status by Swindon Council, the village will be able to develop a neighbourhood area plan, a document which will help control where and what kind of developments will happen in the area in the future.

While it cannot determine how much development the area will have to cater for, a neighbourhood plan gives guidance to planning authorities on what residents and the parish council see as suitable development for the area, including the character and location of any potential schemes.

This will then inform the detail of the Swindon local plan, which will set out future development plans for the whole of the borough.

South Marston Parish Council chairman Colin McEwen said work was now being carried out in earnest to prepare the plan.

He said: “A neighbourhood plan is a statutory planning document that is produced by the community itself.

“However, it must comply with the Local Plan for an area.

“Swindon’s Local Plan sets out the number and broad locations of new houses to be built in South Marston.

“A Neighbourhood Plan can address the layout of the roads, footpaths and green spaces and the overall design principles for the expanded village.

SMPC Neighbourhood Plan Committee Membership

NP Committee Membership as at 5.03.2015

Sylvia Brown (Chair)                 sylvia.brown@southmarston.org.uk

Colin McEwen                           colin.mcewen@southmarston.org.uk

Barry Thunder                           barry.thunder@southmarston.org.uk

Anne Featherstone             anne.featherstone@southmarston.org.uk

Stuart Young                             stuart.young@southmarston.org.uk

Tony Leathart                          tonyleathart@btinternet.com

Stephanie Blair                          clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk         (Marked FAO S Blair)

Ben Lovelock                             clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk       (Marked FAO B Lovelock)

 The clerk for the NPC is

Joan Britton                               clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk

Tel: 01793 686150

 If you are interested in joining the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, please contact the clerk or come along to the next NPC meeting.



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