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Click here for details of activities undertaken by South Marston Parish Council with regard to defining the Supplementary Planning Document to steer future development by Swindon Borough Council

Expansion Plans Filed – Updated

The developers who control the land between the village and the railway line have filed their application to develop. It can be viewed here.
The Developers will be holding an exhibition at the Mercure Hotel in the afternoon and evening of the 16th December. The official deadline for responses is 6th December, but as there are 82 documents to get to grips with, this will be extended.
The Parish Council’s Working Group has received DVD copies and accompanying papers and is reading through them. The plans comply with the Supplementary Planning Document that we have been working on in many respects, but not all. Following on from this application there will be a significant amout of work to develop the detail of what is built. More volunteers to assist with this would be welcome!

AEE: Community Benefits

AEE have been meeting with representatives of the parish council to finalise the details of the community benefits.
Barry Thunder and Colin McEwen met with Adam Withers, Niels Kroener (AEE Director) and Robin Stone (Senior Engineer) to finalise proposals from the company this week, which will be presented at the South Marston Parish Council meeting on Tuesday (Village Hall, 7pm).
Their proposals can be found under the Community Benefits section of the Sevor Farm Blog.

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Planning Response – Sevor Farm Solar Farm

Application Number:S/13/0165/HC

Proposal:                Installation of a Solar Farm

Site Address:         Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL


South Marston Parish Council commented as follows:

In light of problems with AEE Renewables construction of an earlier Solar Farm within South Marston, it is strongly recommended that the following conditions are imposed on any planning approval:

  1. No parking is permitted in Old Vicarage Lane of any vehicles associated with construction at the site.
  2. No vehicles associated with the construction should proceed north of the junction of Nightingale Lane and Old Vicarage Lane towards Pound Corner.
  3. No parking anywhere in the village or wider South Marston Parish of HGVs except in designated HGV parking areas.
  4. These parking and movement restrictions should remain in force throughout the life of the site for maintenance, repair and dismantling activities
  5. Any damage to Old Vicarage Lane and Nightingale Lane resulting from movements of vehicles associated with the construction should be put right on completion of construction work.
  6. The site should be fully cleared within 4 weeks of construction being completed.
  7. All new and existing footpaths should be re-instated to a good condition and fit for purpose before the site opens.
  8. Appropriate contact details to be provided to the Parish Council for the reporting of any problems during construction (e.g. noise, damage, parking) and in subsequent operation (e.g. damage to fencing, vandalism, lack of hedge screening, sheep grazing issues).
  9. Work is restricted to daylight hours only; 0800 to 1800 weekdays, 0800 to 1300 Saturdays, no working on Sundays.

Sevor Farm Planning Application now submitted

aee logoTaken from the Sevor Farm Project Blog:

As announced at February’s Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 19th, we can confirm the application for Sevor Farm has been submitted and now registered by Swindon Borough Council. This means that you can now access the application via the Council’s website. The application ewas validated on the 11th February and the supplementary documents uploaded on the Council’s website on the 25th February. To access the plans, please click on the link below:

View or track a planning application by using a unique planning reference number

Search for the application in the search bar using this reference: S/13/0165

Previous slides relating the project are available here and here

Village Expansion: The Pace Quickens

Swindon Borough Council LogoSwindon Borough Council (SBC) has published their draft ‘Local Plan’ for public Consultation. It can be found at: This is the updated version of what was previously called the Core Strategy. This strategy was consulted on a couple of years ago. The Local Plan will govern how Swindon will expand in the period to 2026 and includes the specific provisions for expansion in South Marston and the new village of 1500-2000 houses at Rowborough as well as another 5500 houses to the South of the A420. It also makes general policy points, for instance on renewable energy, where the Parish Council share the concerns of Ill Wind that large wind turbines may be making a return in specific areas highlighted in the Local Plan.

The Parish Council will be making submissions on behalf of the village, but we encourage all villagers to read this document and put in their responses to the Borough Council direct before the 21st February deadline.

The Parish Council Expansion Sub Committee continues to work on the South Marston village Planning Document (known as the SPD or supplementary planning document). This is supplemental to the Local plan and so is bound by the more general statements in it. The developers are now expected to concentrate on the area North of the A420, although they tell us that there is considerable technical work still to be done. Our current plan, in line with Swindon BC, is to finalise the SPD so that it can go to Public Consultation in the Spring and then go on to be adopted as part of the Local Plan. It would then have to be respected by any future application for development.


If you would like to become involved with this planning process and would like to find out how to do so, then please contact the Parish Clerk on 01793 820529.

Sevor Farm Consultation presentation

Below is the presentation provided by AEE Renewables given at their Sevor Farm Solar Consultation meeting on Wednesday 21st Nov 2012.

They have set up a website for the project:
This will be updated with additional news as they provide it.

I have also added a widget to each page of the South Marston website down on the bottom right, which shows the most recent news articles from their RSS feed.

Planning Event Slides – 12 June 2012

Below are the planning boards and slides which were used at the South Marston Planning Event held at the South Marston Hotel on 12th June 2012. The materials provided here have been provided by Swindon Borough Council.

Colin McEwens photos of the village flooding experienced on 29th April which were presented at the meeting: Click here. Follow the map link on the right hand side to see where the photos were taken.

We also have the Technical Note – regarding the Traffic assessment through the village.