Latest on the planned housing development – Updated

Future Meetings

The Parish Council are arranging a Village Meeting at 07:30pm on Tuesday 1st December at the South Marston Hotel at which Andy Ward will introduce NEW and how they aim to work with the village to “make South Marston a great place to live”.

Before then, we are re-convening the Working Party that formed the Village Plan in 2007 to a meeting to discuss the different viewpoints that have arisen and how we can best work together.

I hope that these meetings will enable us to look at not only minimising growth but also the potential benefits that expansion might bring. I know that many villagers would like to explore the possibility of a shop and visiting Doctors’ surgery to enhance the quality of life and attraction of the village.


Finally, my thanks to all those villagers who took the time to send in reasoned comments to the EDA plan. They have been collated and it was clear that Martin Trewella and his team had taken real note of the composite picture that had built up. This was both on major points like rat running, and on little points that might otherwise have been overlooked.

New Members!

I am delighted to report that not just one, but 3 volunteers have agreed to be co-opted onto the Parish council. Neil Burchell, Sheila Anderson and Stuart Young all have a wealth of experience and achievement in their various fields and promise to take an active interest in both the expansion issues and the wider life of the village. They are most welcome!


I can see that, in becoming so involved in the process, I have perhaps become rather disconnected from many in the village. I look forward to the December presentation as a chance for you to review the threats and opportunities for the village that arise from Swindon’s planned expansion and to judge the Parish Council’s response to date.

Colin McEwen

Chair South Marston Parish Council

One thought on “Latest on the planned housing development – Updated”

  1. If you have any opinions regarding the above post them please feel free to make one. Click on the ‘Leave a comment’ link. These posts will be published for other readers to see.

    We would welcome your opinion on:

    – Is this the kind of feedback that you want from the leader of the Parish Council?
    – What can he do to prevent becoming ‘disconnected’ from the village?
    – What common ground is there between the Parish council and the No2EDA group?

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