South Marston Parish Council News – Nov 2009

Website Problems

The Parish Council has adopted a new platform for the village website following the recent problems with corrupted data on the existing site. Access to the new site is currently via a link from the current website, but it is planned to transfer this website address to the new site in the near future to allow direct address.

The new site has been developed by Donald Jones, one of our residents, and the Parish Council is very grateful for the work that he has done in setting up the new website. He has also agreed to take over the role of website administrator from Kay Long who has been doing an excellent job in dealing with all the website issues since its inception in December 2006; our thanks to Kay for all her hard work and patience in keeping the website operating over the years.

Please contact Donald at for website queries and for inputting information.

Changes in Planning Regulations

Residents have contacted the Parish Council concerned that development is taking place on a neighbour’s property apparently without planning permission having been obtained. The following changes in planning legislation may be of interest to residents:-

The Town & Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 2008 which came into force in October 2008, allows a householder to carry out certain development without the requirement for planning permission provided that :-

1) The total area of ground covered by building does not exceed 50%

2) No part of the proposed building is forward of a wall forming the principal elevation of the main dwellinghouse.

3) The building is single storey

4) The height of the building does not exceed 4 metres

5) The height of the eaves does not exceed 2.5 metres

6) The building is used for purposes ancillary to the main use of the dwellinghouse.

If a householder is considering development on his/her property it is advisable to check whether or not planning permission is required by visiting the Borough’s website or contacting the planning department on 01793 466250.

Allotment Vandalism & Theft

Disappointingly, there has been another incident of damage to property at the allotment site and the theft of some items from sheds. If anyone has any information that could help in identifying the culprits please contact the police.

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