Parish Council Update – Dec 2009

New Parish Councillors

The co-option of Mrs Sheila Anderson-Witty, Mr Stuart Young and Mr Neil Burchell as Parish Councillors was ratified at the Council meeting on the 17th November.  The new Councillors fill the vacancies resulting from the resignations of Mr Des Jones, Mr David Marner and Mr Feal-Martinez and brings the Council back to its full complement of 9 councillors.

Liaison Officer

The Parish Council is seeking a local person who could take on the role of Liaison Officer. This would continue the type of work that Mary Case was involved with until her resignation in September 2008, to take on the role of SMRA Chair.

The main objective of the role  is to increase social activity in the village.  The applicant must be interested in improving community spirit with the aim of achieving a socially vibrant village. The successful applicant will be capable of working with people, making things happen and have an interest in using the village website as a key communication tool. The applicant will be expected to liaise with the Parish Council at its regular meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday in every month. The post will run for one  year with the Parish Council reviewing its effectiveness thereafter.

It is a paid post and involves approximately 18 hours per month as agreed with the Parish Council.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, for further information please contact Roger Powell.

Tel: 827515

Nature Conservation Area

Following the  recent signing of a lease with the Borough Council The Parish Council now has the  tenancy of the piece of land adjacent to 31 Highworth Road. The plan is to convert the land to a managed nature conservation area and the Parish Council is liaising with Wiltshire Wildlife for expert advice.

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