Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on 16th February.



3 thoughts on “Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on 16th February.”

  1. I’m not certain as to whether I should be able to read the Agenda, I have only received the heading, or wther I should suggest items for inclusion or AOB???

    Perhaps I am the only IT novice??? Help pleASE.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      The agenda is available via the hyperlink. Just click on ‘Agenda’.

      Normally if you want to provide feedback on the agenda, such as items for inclusion, you would be better providing them in an email directly to Roger Powell:
      One suggestion that you could put to him is to provide more detail in these posts, and to remind people when / where the parish councils are, and provide a precis of what is to be discussed. It may persuade more people to come along to the Parish Council meetings.

    2. Dear Jacki

      You need to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer in order to open the file which is in pdf format so that it cannot be changed by unauthorised users. Adobe Acrobat reader is a progam that many people have on their computers. it is a free download from the Internet.

      I have attached a standard WORD format document for you.


      Roger Powell

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