Tower and Tap – March 2010

Click here for the Tower & Tap March 2010 – PDF Version

This months edition includes:-

  • Letter from Rev Vicky Fleming
  • Parish Council News including:
    • Conservation Area
    • Village Expansion
    • Vacancies
  • Gardening Club
  • Friendly Club
  • Carriers Arms Events
  • Tower & Tap Submissions


The cost of the friendly club holiday should be £229, and not £299 as described.

    Please email items for Tower & Tap to or drop any article in to The Maples, South Marston (next to the Vicarage).

    The deadline for March 2010 issue is 15 March 2010.


    2 thoughts on “Tower and Tap – March 2010”

    1. Numbers of Villagers attending meetings etc have been quite low to date despite the efforts of the various groups. I suggest flyers continue to be used for major briefings as not everyone will access the Village web site. Personally I wouldn’t trust anything that SBC tell us and you have to look at their track record in large housing developments plus what they have allowed to be carried out in Swindon Town Centre. Their representative who attended the meeting at the Hotel in December was totally unconvincing.

      1. Hi Ian,

        if you want to be kept up to date with updates written to the village website, without actually having the hassle of visit the website, then you can always apply for email updates by following the link on the right hand side of the page: Get the latest updates by email.

        This will send you one email per day which summarises the new posts on the website, if there were any. It is the easiest way for anyone to ensure that they do not miss any articles.

        This feature has been promoted in previous issues of Tower and Tap and also on the website.


        Donald Jones

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