Wildlife Site Volunteers

The first volunteer day held on the 30th January to start the clearance work on the site was a great success. Thanks to all who helped. The next stage is to complete the ground clearance work and this is scheduled to take place on

Saturday 20th March at 10.30 am

The group will be guided and supervised by an officer from Wilshire Wildlife Trust.

The completion of this work will give us a blank canvas for a community group to work on. We hope that a community group can be established to take the Wildlife Site Project forward in design and maintenance as an ongoing scheme.

A proposal we want to air with the volunteers is to have a competition for the layout design of the site. This can be a design by an individual or a group from within South Marston. The design proposals will be judged by external panel of experienced wildlife/conservationists.

If you are interested in working with the existing volunteers or joining the community group in this new project contact:

Brian McGlone 826243 Mobile 07752332677

Neil Burchell      827009 Mobile 07811146633

South Marston Parish Council


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