SME What do we call ourselves?

What would you like our SME Business Group to be called?

What is our group’s vision and/or purpose?

It would really help the group if  you would add your thoughts/comments on this website so everyone can be involved in the discussion.

If you have any problems adding a comment, just e-mail them to me and I will post them (then refer you to Donald for some website training :D)


4 thoughts on “SME What do we call ourselves?”

  1. Here are my initial thoughts on names. In my experience its best to list everything, no matter how random, odd or silly it may seem because one person’s mad idea can spark a great one in someone else. So here are your starters for 10 ladies!

    Enterprising Women
    Business Buddies
    Girl’s Night Out on Business
    Business Chit Chat

    Hope that gets the juices going!

  2. here are a few more…

    The South Marston Pride of Businesswoman (Or “Pride” for short)

    South Marston Community of Women in Business

    Simply ABC Group (Alcohol, Business and Chocolate)

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