Borough Council and Parish Council Elections

An Election of Borough Councillors will take place on Thursday 6th May and will include an election for the Blunsdon Ward which covers South Marston. (See formal notice)

Notice of Election of Parish CouncillorsAn election of  Councillors for South Marston Parish Council will also take place on Thursday 6th May (see formal notice).

The Parish Council is authorised to have nine councillors. Currently it has seven which will soon reduce to only six when one of the Councillors moves away from South Marston. More Councillors are needed to improve the effectiveness of the Council.

If you are interested in the village and feel that you could make a contribution to the operation of the Parish Council and how it deals with the issues affecting the village such as planning, traffic and future expansion, please submit an application form. As a Parish Councillor you would be expected to attend the meetings of the Council which are on the third Tuesday of each month.

For further information please contact the chairman, Colin McEwen (825312) or the Clerk, Roger Powell ( 827515).

Forms for applying to be a Parish Councillor can be obtained from the Clerk, Roger Powell (827515) or the Civic Offices, Euclid St, Swindon.

Completed forms must be delivered to The Returning Officer, Civic Offices by NOON on Thursday 8th April.


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