Village Expansion Workshop 26-27th May 2010 – Updated

Updated: with pdf of workshop notes

Dear Resident,

We anticipate that the development consortium will submit their detailed plans for the expansion of South Marston village this December.

The Parish council has worked to give villagers maximum say in the form and infrastructure of the expanded village. The eventual development will be governed by a Supplementary Planning Document that is currently being developed by Swindon Borough Council in consultation with the village. The Parish Council is employing planning consultants, NEW Masterplanning to assist us.

Considerable work has already been done by a Working Party of villagers. This will culminate in a structured workshop organised by NEW, split over two evenings:

Wednesday 26th May: 7:00pm – 10:00pm at South Marston Hotel

Thursday 27th May: 7:30pm – 10:30pm (after the Annual Parish Meeting) at the Village Hall

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • establish one or more preferred village approaches
  • enable more design work to get underway to take place
  • provide a basis for the village to engage with developers and landowners

Key outputs will be to agree:

  • key principles and objectives for the village
  • key challenges such as the need, location and size of the ‘village centre’
  • potential locations for new homes
  • how the new homes would relate to the existing open spaces and countryside
  • options for managing the traffic
  • Our response to future expansion pressure

You are invited to join in this workshop so that you views, ideas and comments influence the future of the village.

The document here raises a number of issues and queries which will be addressed as part of the workshop.

NEW hope that 40 to 50 villagers will be able to attend and would appreciate knowing the approximate number so that they can arrange proper facilities and group leaders. If you think that you will attend, please let Roger Powell know. (Tel: 827515, Email:

NEW have produced a detailed document that provides an analysis of the village as it is at present, by way of background for the meeting. This is available here. Please read this and possibly bring a copy to the meeting or ask Roger to send you a copy.

Colin McEwen

Parish Council Chair.

One thought on “Village Expansion Workshop 26-27th May 2010 – Updated”

  1. I note that the map does not even show the farm land and OVL as even a potential flood risk, when in reality it is one of the first parts of the village to flood in even moderate rainfall.

    A reliance on an outdated flood risk assessment based on the Environment Agencies maps, has a potential for wrong decision making.

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