South Marston Parish Council News – June 2010

Parish Clerk Vacancy

Village Development

A number of mini workshops, seeking the views of members of the various organisations, took place during May, with structured workshop to allow residents to put their views and comments into the discussions on an expansion of the village being held on Weds 26th and Thurs 27th May.

Outputs from these workshops will assist with the formation of the South Marston Supplementary Planning Document that will set out aims and requirements for an expanded village.

Click here for further details.

Traffic Report

The Borough’s Traffic Report for South Marston has now been published.

It is a thorough report looking at all the current traffic issues of the village and suggesting options for dealing with the Pound Corner pedestrian safety problem. It does not deal with the traffic issues that will result from the proposed Eastern Development or an expansion of the village as this will be dealt with under a separate study. The Traffic report is available on the village website.


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