Put your name into South Marston

South Marston Conservation Area27/5/2010 12:00 Updated with map.

South Marston residents are being given a unique opportunity to name and help design this conservation site close to the village centre. The land is currently being prepared by volunteers and will soon be ready take on the shape of the winning design.

We are holding a competition to gather the best ideas from village residents and local groups, then we will use these ideas to help name and create a place of interest for all. There are no set ideas in place and we will be working closely with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to assist us in the final layout.

Below are some ideas to get you thinking, but it is your own ideas that we really want:
South Marston Conservation Area

  • A unique name for the site
  • A habitat for wildlife?
  • An area of natural interest for plants and birds?
  • A quiet place to sit and reflect?
  • A water feature?
  • A bridge?
  • A gateway into the site (this is a must-have )
  • Small pathways?
  • A place for local works of art?
  • To use for school learning about our countryside?

You are welcome to visit the site to have an understanding of the nature of the existing trees and lay of the land.

! Remember that local volunteers will carry out the work !

The entries judged to be the most imaginative and suitable will be used to complete the final design. If there is more than one winning idea then the best ideas from each design chosen will be used. Specialists in conservation will judge entries.

The selected designs will have the names inscribed on a plaque that will be on display in the conservation area.


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