South Marston Transport Report – Final

Here you can find links to the Village Transport and Traffic Working Paper produced by the Borough’s consultants JMP Ltd.

It sets out the existing problems with traffic in the village and suggests options for improving footpaths at Pound Corner and the Thornhill Road bend area and controlling traffic speed. It does NOT cover traffic flow issues for an expanded village under the EDA which will be covered by a separate excercise. The approach is to improve pedestrian access and safety rather than improve traffic movements.

If you have any feelings/preferences to the proposals made below, then take the opportunity to share them by leaving a comment against this Blog Post.


One thought on “South Marston Transport Report – Final”

  1. Having read through the report aside from the obvious and in my view non essential waste telling us what we already know I would like to pick up a number of points.

    2.19 Verges along Old Vicarage Lane. These verges could be used and I do use then when I can, however the lack of regular maintenance can make it impossible and potentially dangerous. The other problem is the tendency for residents of certain properties to park on them and destroy them. Added to this farm vehicles and other large vehicles who frequently damage them rather than reducing speed, the issue has less to do with width or desire but usability.

    2.26 Accident: I feel it is important to point out the truth of this accident as the driver works part time for me, contrary to the suggestion that he lost control, he was forced off the road by a large lorry being on his side of the road. Sadly the police never discovered the owners of the lorry and no local firm admitted responsibility.

    2.31 Vehicle Plates: I was concerned that this appears to be a miss-use of powers.

    3.34 Speed Limits: It was my understanding that the DofT issued guidelines in April 2009 that residential areas should have 20mph limits especially where there are schools or play areas.

    The various proposals have their merits, however the biggest obstacle as normal will be local residents, who would either object to taking their land, and parents being told to park elsewhere when delivering or collecting their children, yet being the most vocal when it comes to other motorists, which is something I had a great deal of experience of as a Community Policeman.

    It would indeed be sensible to carry out the suggestions in the residents comments about Manor Farm Lane/Road. As SMPC know very well Paul Cripps of the South Marston Hotel has offered to upgrade this as part of his small housing project, and include a cycle way. This cost would then not need to be considered as part of the whole traffic management system. Sadly SMPC refuse to even discuss the housing project outside of a yet to be decided SM strategy.

    My final point concerns VAS use and cost. Firstly these are a highly effective speed reduction strategy and should certainly be included on all approaches (3). I also note the potential cost indicated which I did find quite staggering. The cost of these signs, at the lower end are £1600 for those requiring a power source, to £6000 for those with either a solar panel or small wind turbine, such as the one on the Swindon Marlborough Road.

    Either way those with a need for power could be fitted where there are existing street light/power source. And the other type on existing signs like the one at OVL/Rowborough Lane. I am also in favour of reducing the speed limit from the A420 along OVL, as the speed of drivers, many villagers themselves is frankly suicidal at times, on a road surface that is highly dangerous.

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