Ecotricity Wind Turbine documents

Following on from todays public exhibition organised by Ecotricity and Honda, the following pdf documents are now available:

Ecotricity / Honda Wind turbine Photo Montages

Non Technical Fact Sheet

Ecotricity good neighbour policy

Further details are available on their website.

Feel free to leave your comments on the subject below.


7 thoughts on “Ecotricity Wind Turbine documents”

    1. I think the advantages are all for Honda – the benefit for local residents is less than minimal in
      exchange for noise, defiled sky line views. Do we know that the turbines and blade design are
      the most modern and innovative. I would be happy to know that they would contribute by offering
      to pay for the utility/energy bills for the local primary school here in the village, in return for our acceptance of the scheme.

  1. Honda are putting up these turbines purely for their own benefit, whilst the village has to suffer from being overshadowed by them. If they must have the turbines why can’t they be positioned much further north. We should all unite and fight against them.

  2. I believe that these wind turbines will be far too close to South Marston. There is already a 2 km exclusion zone for wind turbines around human habitation in parts of Europe. The Honda turbines are planned to be a mere 800m from the recreation field!
    There are fears that the detrimental effects of living close to wind turbines is more complicated than that of the strobe effect or even of the noise that we can hear. Some people are more susceptible than others and may suffer sleeplesness and depression. It has yet to be proved that this is the case however it took a long time to prove that smoking is bad for you.
    I strongly believe that Honda should place these turbines at least 2km from the village, or any housing!

    1. It has been my intention for some months to move to South Marston to be near to my daughter and her family.
      However, the plans by Honda to build three wind generators in such close proximity to the village has prompted a cancellation in our plans. In my view, should the plans go ahead the effects of visual and noise pollution will add to those from existing industry and can only lead to a further decline in the quality of life for the villagers.These generators will be far to close to residential buildings. A 2Km exclusion zone seems a reasonable distance, not just for South Marston but as a guideline to protect residential areas nationwide.

  3. Why does it appear that South Marston is seen as an easy target for every developer in the area? First the ludicrous housing plans and now this. Villagers and the PC shold fight to keep this away,

  4. You people are incredible! Honda are the biggest employer in Swindon and they are developing technology which will help keep them here and therefore the jobs in the town. As a company they are one of the most responsible corporations in the world.

    At planning committee on Tuesday they were racially abused by residents of South Marston and it was absolutely disgraceful. I’m sure you South Marston lot will be happy when they up sticks and head off. What do you think will happen then? You’ll get thousands of houses on your doorstep and you’ll deserve it!!!

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