Parish Council News – July 2010

Parish Clerk Vacancy
There has been a good response to the advertisement for the Parish Council Clerk vacancy. A selection panel will be forming a shortlist of candidates on 1st July for interviews on the 9th July. The appointment of the new clerk will be made at the meeting of the Parish Council on 20th July.

Village Development
The workshop held by NEW Masterplanning on the 26th and 27th May was very well attended. On the first evening attendees were split into groups and ideas on which aspects of the village it was important to retain and where possible development could take place were discussed and assessed. Attendees were generally open minded in their approach to the exercise and there was a good exchange of views and ideas. The output from the first evening formed the basis for the second part of the workshop where NEW Masterplanning presented options for varying sizes of development that attempted to maintain the key characteristic of the current village identified the previous evening.

The Parish Council is now clarifying the Borough Council’s new strategy for development to the East of Swindon following the recent announcements of new government policies on major development and the abolition of the Regional Spatial Strategy Groups. In particular, clarification is required on the impact on the total number of dwellings the Borough requires, the timescale for development and the policy on the development of brownfield sites to reduce greenfield site development.

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