Wind Turbine – Update 15 July 2010

Ecotricity have today posted the following update on their planning blog:

On the 24th and 30th June we held public exhibitions in South Marston and Upper Stratton to inform local residents of the proposals and answer any questions and queries that they may have.

The main questions and queries from local residents were around if they would be able to hear the turbines operating and if their houses would be affected by shadow flicker. Both of these effects have been looked at in detail and we were able to explain that local residents should not be able to hear the wind turbines operating and the effect of shadow flicker has been fully modelled and can be resolved by programming the wind turbine to stop operating for any time that shadow flicker could occur.

Honda and Ecotricity have now submitted the planning application to Swindon Borough Council. It is accompanied by a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which contains the findings of all the assessments that we have completed prior to this submission. All of this documentation is available for viewing at Swindon Borough Council.

Comments on this proposal are being tracked here.


4 thoughts on “Wind Turbine – Update 15 July 2010”

  1. I don’t agree with Ecotricity’s statement that noise was the main issue with residents, when I was at the meeting everyone was concerned about how close they were going to be. We’ll have the 3 biggest wind turbines in the country on our doorstep, I find it disgraceful that Ecotricity think it’s OK to have turbines sited so close to a village, apart from the noise problems which there will certainly be. A 2km distance should be the law in this country, as it is in Scotland. European law is 1.5 km, but in England it’s 500 m. I think we should all lobby our MP to get a change in the law to a more sensible distance.
    Every villager I speak to is up in arms over the proximity of these turbines, and I understand the Stratton residents are not too happy either.

    I know that the effect on house prices is never taken into account by the planners, but it will be very difficult to sell a house in South Marston once these turbines are in place. Having wind turbines so close can cause your house to drop in value by 30%, are Honda going to compensate us all for this loss?

    1. Hi all, from another resident , I learned that the owners of wind turbines are paid a subsidy of 4 times the price per Kw Hour an what they generate,meaning that these owners will be taking money from me as well ,via what method? increase in my domestic tarrif? or from my OAP via general taxation.
      South Marston Parish Council, for goodness sake put in a planning application for Turbines on the playing field [its the only land we all own] and let US all benefit ,not have to, look, hear, pay for someone elses generator, which will give nil benefit to the community.

  2. i would like to mention that wind turbines cause problems for aircraft radar because the radar cannot distinguish between them and small aircraft when the blades are turning .

    new ” radar invisible blades ” have not yet been put into production so no doubt the proposed blades are not radar freindly .
    we are in the radar coverage zone of RAF Brize norton which is a very important stategic airbase within the uk and i wonder if RAF brize norton have been consulted on the turbine proposals .

    the radar coverage area of BRIZE airspace goes down to the A420 and across to the A419, then over to the west it passes over to lyneham airspace and to the north to Fairford NATO base , which are all active airfields and use radar .

    these tubrines are not being located in the most suitable site , they should be located above the honda works car park, to save on building space and to minimise inconvenience to all local residents within a pre planned radius of the factory .

    south marston village itself in in a slight dip, ie in the bottom of a bowl , which is not the most windy spot in the surrounding area .
    the most windy point of surrounding land is on HUNTS RISE , ie where the vickers supermarine sports field is .

    if honda wanted to save on energy bills they need to reduce the amount of night lighting they have on throughout the night or change the sodium bulbs to something more energy efficient .

    anyone passing the works entrance will see what i mean, thousands of street lamps light the place up all through the night .

    i would like to know what the CO2 emissions are from the honda workers cars when they travel to and from work , there are a large percentage of workers who travel from places such as wales , melksham, oxford , reading etc in order to work at the factory and if you calculate the mileage they travel against the CO2 emissions of the vehicles in question it will come to a tidy sum .
    if the honda workers were all local people who travelled less than 5-10miles to work then the emissions would be greatly reduced .

    i have allways wondered why honda doesnt have a dedicated bus service considering it has almost 5000 employees , after all nationwide anglia allways had such a service to and from its doors .

    the wind turbines could be located on hondas land adjacent to the A419 [ similar to the reading turbine on the side of the M4] , this would create less impact on all local residents including those from the stratton area and it would also place the turbines in the area of most wind .
    after all our prevailing winds in the uk come from the south west , ie just south of sunset from the village , so in other words honda should locate the turbines on the south westerly side of their land and not on the easterly less windy side .

    what benefit is the village going to get from these turbines, as it stands it looks like we will get no benefit, not even a share in the electric made .

    in the village we already suffer from the smell emmited from the factory , which they say doesnt exist yet everyone locally knows it does, if the wind blows from the west we smell it in the village and if the wind blows from the east you can smell it across stratton and also at the front gate of honda itself , its a smell like you used to get from an upholstery factory , ie a bit like glue .

    i have been next to a wind turbine when its very windy , you get a loud whirring noise from it , so if they are located within 500m of the village youll sure hear them when the wind makes them work hard , and of course we will be on the opposite of the windward side of the turbines , which will make the sound travel towards us and not away from us ..

    the location of the wind velocity test mast that honda already have up is directly in the direction of sunset , you will most definately see the blades in a chopper effect when they pass though the suns light , not good for anyone epileptic thats for sure .

    birds are going to be caused problems , especially the buzzards and red kites that fly over the factory and land surrounding it [for the thermal updraughts] , and there are many of these birds here now that fly over us everyday all day long .

    birds do know how to navigate and make allowances for new buildings etc but they cannot allow for moving objects such as turbine blades .

    in every airport in the country they try desperately to keep birds away so they dont get tangled up with the aircraft propellers or tubrines , but with wind turbines no one is doing anything about birds and their flight paths .

    we already have a bird flight path over the village to the woods at hunts copse and stanton woods , where rooks and pigeons roost at night , these birds arent just going to move over when we ask them to , instead they will get tangled in the blades of the turbines and die .

    any survey relating to wildlife danger needs to be independently carried out by someone like the RSPCA, ie people who know what is likely to occur or not occur concerning animals , what we dont want is to be hoodwinked by a non transparent survey by some nondescript outfit . .

    we also have a fair sized bat population within the village, living centrally around the churchyard area , and those bats also fly around the fields in all directions away from the church , i see them myself in the evenings flying to the west of the village and over the surrounding fields feeding .

    it would be an idea to keep the turbines farther away from the bats than the proposed location of the turbines .

    lastly we already have 5 wind turbines within 1.5km distance of the edge of the village , do we really want anymore located close to us .

  3. I believe Kay is wrong… There is NO minimium distance between houses and turbines in England. It’s only limited by the planning guidance on noise (ETSU-R-97) and that’s totaly flawed as it allows higher noise levels than the W.H.O say you need to get back to sleep..

    Watch out when the developer says that there won’t be any shadow flicker. Their definition of shadow flicker is shadows on a window within 10 rotor diameters. Shadows on your garden don’t count as shadow flicker nor do shadows on a window over 10 rotor diameters.

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