Emergency Village Meeting re: Wind Turbines – 29th July – Updated

Updated with change of venue

Date: Thursday 29th July

Time: 19:00

Where: South Marston Hotel

As you will be aware Honda & Ecotricity have applied to build on the edge of our village 3 x 410ft high Wind Turbines (equivalent to the height of the London Eye). They will affect us all!

  • Overshadow the village
  • Be a potential health hazard
  • Devalue our homes
  • Significant noise
  • Cause ground vibration
  • Strobing / flicker effect

We only have a limited time to object.

If you want to learn more and join the campaign then please come to the meeting.

If you can’t make the meeting email: amanda@aquileia.co.uk or Tel: 828636

For details of their plans click here, or search for Wind Turbines in the search bar at the top of the page.


5 thoughts on “Emergency Village Meeting re: Wind Turbines – 29th July – Updated”

  1. I am in favour of alternative energy but having read more on the internet it does appear that there are genuine health concerns about locating wind turbines so close to houses.

    I understand the Honda turbines will be within 500 metres of the village when they should be no closer than 1.8 kilometres according to this MP’s proposals:


    Here’s more about the health problems:


    1. The report that Honda’s wind turbine project has been favourably accepted by Stratton St Margaret local council has weakened our ability to halt the project at present coupled with the government’s backing
      of wind turbine project re environmental issues. Although the wind turbines are close to some local residential areas the effect on the majority of houses is lessened. What proportion of local houses will
      have a direct view of them. The web site pictures still leave this unc lear.

      The difficulty for the protest group is to ensure that no other disadvantageous changes are incorporated if the project is to go ahead. The list of reasons for letters to various individuals and council offices
      certainly restricts the efficacy of our protest.
      How man

  2. Stratton PC have shown some foresight in allowing the building of the turbines. The fact remains that we need to develop alternative forms of energy production and Honda should be commended for trying to develop some alternatives to power their plant. I would be in favour of a greater number of smaller turbines that don’t dominate the whole of Swindon, but there is no attempt at compromise from the village.

    How South Marston PC can object to 3 wind turbines and encourage the monstrous EDA means they don’t have an environmental strategy.

    1. You should get your facts straight when you say there is no attempt at compromise from the village. We have all asked why they can’t have a greater number of smaller turbines but Ecotricity say they won’t produce enough power.

  3. Wind turbines

    I have made a couple of responses via the parish council website over a few weeks previously. Since then other aspects of this issue have been in the local press.

    I would first say that I am in favour of Honda’s proposal to use wind turbines rather than fossil fuel energy to power their site. We all need to recognise the importance of diminishing our dependence on fossil fuels for energy needs. At present only ‘nuclear’
    or ‘windpower’ are identified as viable alternatives. There are no conceivable benefits to local communities except their continuance as a large scale employer for the whole of Swindon.

    The acceptance of the turbines by a high percentage of the total residents, i.e. Stratton St Margaret is accepted. This is a mainly ‘urban’ area with a high proportion of housing and also some commercial environments and a few green spaces.

    South Marston does not match the above description. It covers a rural environment of some charm and as such should not be overshadowed so closely by the installation of the turbines. Some residents will find the turbines are between 400-600 metres from their houses, if the information I have read is correct. This would cause devaluation to these owners, some of which are owned by the local council and not just in commercial terms.
    It would also impact on the whole of this rural environment.

    So many of our villages are being expanded by normal demographic requirements. Village environments are an accepted format in British existence over many hundreds of years.
    These should be preserved for future generations to enjoy and experience in the long term.

    I would ask all those involved to look again at establishing these turbines at a different place on Honda’s site to substantially remove the impact they would make on this village.
    If they could be sited to be more than 1000 metres from the village this would protect
    the whole area from what will be a massive change to its existence as a charming village location.

    Japan and its population are keen to maintain their culture and history in their own country, perhaps they would also consider we had the same right to the preservation of these elements in Britain. The Honda manufacturing base in this country has enhanced their status as a profitable company. It would be good if they recognised this as well as being able to respond the needs of the whole world’s environmental needs.

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