Parish Council Update – Village Development Sept 2010

The change to government policy may mean that local authorities get more say in how much development takes place in their area, but it does not mean that the pressure to build more houses has gone away.

So far as South Marston is concerned, this probably results in us having more influence over what is built and removes us from the straight jacket of the Eastern Development Area numbers. Having said this, most of the land to the immediate South of the village is under option to developers, who have paid good money for first refusal to buy the land for development if planning permission is granted.

Therefore both they and the landowners are keen to make a profit by obtaining permission to build. It is still Swindon’s policy to expand and this area has already been earmarked. We cannot sit back and hope that nothing will happen. We would like to thank all those who came to the ‘Place Making’ meetings organised by NEW Master Planning in May.

The Parish Council are hosting another meeting in a similar format particularly designed to pick up on the work done in the first of those meetings, add to it and develop more concrete plans to carry forward to the Borough and developers.

Date: 15th September

Time: 7.15 for 7.30

Venue: South Marston Hotel.

All are welcome, and it would be helpful if you had considered the new material on the website here, or contact our Clerk on 01793 820529.

One thought on “Parish Council Update – Village Development Sept 2010”

  1. Given that I indicated to the PC in August 2009 that the RSS and EDA would be abandoned if the Tories came to power (my source being Conservative Central Office), this has come as no surprise.

    What the PC should now be doing is encouraging smaller developments like the one proposed ironically by the owner of the South Marston Hotel, that meets the village vision, improves the infrastructure and will cost the village nothing.

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