Ill Wind Update – 9th Sept 2010

Vestas wind turbine, Dithmarschen.
Image via Wikipedia

On Monday September 13th from 11am to 7pm, ILL WIND will be flying a blimp in South Marston. The blimp will be flown at the actual height of the top of the turbine blades so that all East Swindon residents can see for themselves what the visual impact will be.

As an integral part of the planning process, and also someone who no doubt cares passionately about Swindon and its residents, we hope you would also benefit from being able to see for yourself the actual height of the turbines and place them within the perspective of our villages and the surrounding area.

When and where?

  • September 13th 2010 with viewing area and information at South Marston Recreation Ground from 11am to 6pm. Access via Old Vicarage Lane (Next to the school).

So why are we doing this?

  • In relation to Planning Application S/10/1073, erection of 3 x 120m wind turbines.
  • We have grave concerns about this application, most notably the visual impact and overall lack of consistency with the surrounding rural area, along with various nuisance and health issues which are compounded by the proximity to residential dwellings.
  • It is clear that many people in the area are not fully aware of the size of the turbines, this is an opportunity to remedy that as much as possible.
  • In Scotland and in other parts of England wind turbines of this size must be at least 2km from the nearest property. A bill is currently going through Parliament to make this distance mandatory. The Honda turbines will be 600 metres away.
  • To allow officials to place the proposal within the context of the village and surrounding area.

Please come along and see for yourself the visual impact these turbines will have on the villages; we are certain that a great many people’s future quality of life may very well depend upon it.


ILL WIND – working for concerned South Marston and Stratton Residents


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