Vote now to improve your broadband speed

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BT has not included Stratton St. Margaret’s telephone exchange in its current plan for the roll out of high speed broadband (up to 40mb). However the BT promotion the ‘Race to Infinity‘ gives you the opportunity to fast track Faringdon/ Stratton St Margaret to get BT high speed broadband sooner rather than later.

The BT website encourages local people to ‘vote’ to have the exchange upgraded. The five areas in the UK with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring high speed broadband to their area. BT will also donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local community project.

South Marston and Stratton may not win the race this time but a very high percentage of votes will encourage BT to include the Stratton St. Margaret’s exchange as a priority in future plans for the roll out of high speed broadband.

Higher broadband speeds are not just important for leisure and business; higher speeds also provide opportunities to improve access to learning and healthcare services.

Please encourage all your contacts who use the exchange to log on and register, especially the businesses in the area.


2 thoughts on “Vote now to improve your broadband speed”

    1. Just to clarify, this post has not been made by the Parish Council. It is something that I, as the South Marston Webmaster, thought would be of interest to other villagers, as is 50% of the content which is published here.

      You raise an interesting point regarding the amount of information which people give away when using websites, but this is something that they should be able to exercise their own judgement on. I am simply making the villagers aware of opportunities which could make a positive impact on their lives.

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