Advertiser: Turbine protests reaches new heights

Swindon Advertiser today ran an article about last Friday’s blimp flight:

CAMPAIGNERS against the plan for three turbines at the Honda plant managed to beat the wind in their second attempt to demonstrate the potential visual impact on residents.

Protest group Ill Wind suffered a blow last month when strong gales saw their balloon crash to the ground after just a few hours. They had planned for it to fly at 120m to represent the highest height of the proposed wind turbines at the South Marston site.

But yesterday a balloon, which costs £750-a-time to hire, was flying all day, after being given the green light by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and caught the eye of residents even as far afield as Greenbridge.

Neil Burchell, group chairman, said: “There was very little wind so it was up there all day. We’ve had a lot more time to make an impression this time.

“We’ve had a steady stream of people from around the village and many are still so shocked at how high it will be.

“This time we’ve put a marker on the rope to show where the hub will be and that’s been helpful. There seem to be a lot more residents from Stratton as well.

Mr Burchell said the group had sent out around 5,000 leaflets to houses in the two areas since the application came in.

A spokesman for Honda said: “Honda and Ecotricity have already submitted photographs, as stipulated by Swindon Borough Council, to support the planning application which are a true representation of visual impact of the wind turbines.

“However, we do appreciate that it may be difficult to visualise the impact of a turbine from the perspective of each individual resident’s house from the photographs. Honda and Ecotricity also maintain an open communication approach with the community in regards to this proposed wind turbine application.

For anyone who would like to know more about the Honda proposal visit honda-swindon or email honda

The full article is available here.

One thought on “Advertiser: Turbine protests reaches new heights”

  1. A response to the open letter to all residents from Honda/Ecotricity.

    There are major concerns still remaining about this scheme; the letter mentions only noise,flicker an a fleeting mention of proximity as our main concerns. The proposed siting of the turbines means they will be closest to the residents of our village. Do we know that sitings further away from these closest houses have been actively considered and reasons why they have been rejected.
    Although it is difficult to quantify there is risk that these properties may experience difficulties in selling.
    Swindon Borough Council are actually own a percentage of the housing in the village which is nearest to the Honda site Do they not have any issues?
    Prospective buyers may just opt to consider other areas that don’t have wind turbines when they make
    their decision. This happened with the proximity of pylons a decade or so ago. We are a long way away from wind turbine projects being as widespread as in other areas of Europe.

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