Advertiser – MP visits South Marston Hotel development

Swindon Advertiser, posted an article on its Your Neighbourhood Blog:

Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon was invited to a presentation at the South Marston Hotel.

The owner of the South Marston Hotel, who has recently been granted planning permission to extend the hotel by 40 bedrooms, also wishes to develop a piece of land off Manor Farm Lane, in South Marston, the revenue from this luxury housing development would be re-invested in the hotel and village.

Michael Philips Architects for Paul Cripps (hotel owner) outlined how the development would provide much needed executive housing, as well as section 106 money being set aside for infrastructure works in the village to include creating an upgraded Manor Farm Lane, cycle way and resources for the recreation ground.

MP, Mr Tomlison was clearly impressed with the design and layout of the development, and felt it fitted nicely into what has always been a desire of Swindon Council to attract businesses which at times was made difficult due to the lack of luxury housing for senior executives.

Mike Philips speaking on behalf of Paul Cripps said, “It was always our intention to develop this piece of land to the benefit of the village. Mr Cripps, despite having properties all over the UK, has taken to South Marston and has spent and intends to spend millions to the benefit of the village

Robert Feal-Martinez of the Carpenters Arms who facilitated this meeting said, “On the advice of Justin the next stage will be to arrange a meeting with the Executive of the Council. I would like to thank Justin for his time, and in seeing the value of this project in the wider context of the future of Swindon.

As a follow up to this article, Justin Tomlinson provided an email which clarified his opinion on this development.


3 thoughts on “Advertiser – MP visits South Marston Hotel development”

  1. I see that Mr Cripps has been soliciting the support of our local MP for his latest scheme to develop the land behind the hotel separate from the integrated plan to expand the village that we have been working to achieve (see ‘Village Expansion’).
    Executive houses in this location make little sense in the context of what the other developers are proposing. Similarly, the possible infrastructure improvements mentioned would only be of value if they are tied in with the wider expansion of the village.
    I repeat my suggestion to Mr Cripps that he looks to develop his land as part of the wider scheme.
    Colin McEwen

  2. Once again Colin gets it wrong, Paul Cripps did not solicit the support of our MP, it was my suggestion, because of the unreasonable objections to what is a well planned and well designed development. Perhaps if Colin were to remove his blinkers, and actually listen to what residents want rather impose his own vision on South Marston things could now move forward.

    Is there one resident who uses Manor Farm Lane who would object to it being upgraded at no expense to the Parish, or a new cycle way, or improvements to the recreational facilities.

    I have also suggested that the development be put on display in the hotel reception so residents can see what is proposed and a snapshot of residents opinion be taken. This is the democratic thing to do.

    The Government have made it clear what type of development they prefer, and also it has long been the desire of SBC to develop Executive style housing in village locations. Indeed it is the preferred option to maintain the value of existing houses in the village.

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