South Marston Hotel Development planning application

Villagers are invited to view the plans for a small cluster ( 14 ) of Executive style houses to be built on land beyond the Hotel car park, which are now on display in the reception area of the Hotel.

A planning application will shortly be submitted and it is clear that the Parish Council intend to object to these houses without reference to villagers.

The profits from these houses will be used to upgrade Manor Farm Lane, install a cycle way, and improve the recreation facilities. This development is in keeping with the desire of the village not to undermine property values and fully comply with Swindon Borough Councils  desire to have more executive style homes to encourage business to the Borough.

Source: Robert Feal-Martinez


2 thoughts on “South Marston Hotel Development planning application”

  1. The Parish Council have no problem with the land to the rear of the Hotel being included in the wider plan for the village. Readers are refered to the previous corespondence as to why we do not support it as a separate development and to the ‘Village Development’ section for further background.
    Colin McEwen Chair SMPC

  2. So do we conclude from Mr McEwen’s comments that if the application is made the Council will support it. I only ask because SBC indicated to the architects involved when discussions took place early last year that it was indeed SMPC’s position to object.

    As I have pointed out on the updated ‘plan’ synopsis simply objecting because it is not part of or waiting for a ‘Village’ plan has been ruled unlawful by Inspectors in similar cases. Do we and SBC really want to go down a route that will cost more tax payers money with a 90% certainty of losing.

    It really does defy any logic to object to the building of these houses now, I am sure the residents who access their properties along Manor Farm Lane would welcome having a proper road, and those using the changing facilities on the Rec would also welcome improvements. The upgrading of Manor Farm Lane fits in with the only viable option for road improvements forming a one way system in the village. If half that work is done at no cost to the village or SBC surely it is a no brainer.

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