Village Expansion Review Meeting – 7th Feb 2011

Villagers are invited to a meeting hosted by the Parish Council in the Village Hall at 7.30 on the 7th Feb. to preview two key documents prepared by Swindon Borough Council.

  1. The first draft of the draft Core Strategy that is to be released for public consultation in March and how this impacts on the village. See the Cabinet briefing paper for the 19th Jan. at
  2. The long awaited Transport Report on the traffic impact and road plans for the Eastern Development Area, to include South Marston, expected to be available.
  3. We will also explain why we propose applying for the village expansion to become a Vanguard Scheme under the Localism agenda. See:

Colin McEwen

Chair South Marston Parish Council

2 thoughts on “Village Expansion Review Meeting – 7th Feb 2011”

    1. Irrelevant to what?
      The Swindon Core Strategy sets out the plan for growth and development for the borough to 2026.
      Specifically, there is a section on the growthof South Marston village.
      This meeting will give those villagers who want to be active in planning the proposed expansion an early chance to see how this may be done and the parameters that we have to work to.
      We have come a long way in obtaining a voice for the village both locally and with the influence of the new government’s ‘Localism’ agenda.
      Colin McEwen

      Colin McEwen

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