Advertiser – “We don’t want these turbines”

Scott D’Arcy of Swindon Advertiser today posted an article regarding Ill Wind’s submission of the petition against the Wind Turbine planning application.

PROTESTERS against Honda’s plan to build three wind turbines have collected 1,800 names on a petition.

Members of the campaign group Ill Wind, which formed last summer to oppose the proposal for three 120m-high wind turbines at the car manufacturer’s South Marston plant, presented the list of names to Swindon Council ahead of a planning meeting next week.

The application, submitted by Honda in conjunction with energy firm Ecotricity, has suffered several setbacks and fierce opposition from residents in neighbouring Stratton St Margaret and South Marston.

It was initially due to go before the council’s planning committee in October last year but concerns were raised by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) that the turbines might interfere with its radar.

Residents’ main concerns centred around noise levels, ‘shadow flicker’ and the height of the turbines.

But an Ecotricity spokesman said the three turbines combined would produce enough electricity to power 5,300 homes a year.

Andrew Davidson, 59, and Kay Long, 58, both of South Marston, presented the petition yesterday and said there was strong feeling among locals.

Mr Davidson said: “We are hoping that this will convey the strength of feeling with which people oppose this application.

“The nearest one is within 325 metres of a dwelling and they will overpower people’s homes and gardens and cause a huge and unnecessary detriment to them.

“It is absolutely not a case of nimbyism – we already have an industrial estate nearby.

“And we wouldn’t have a problem if these were the same size as the ones at Watchfield.

“Green energy is excellent as long as it is in the right place and these turbines are arguably not the right form of green energy anyway.

Mrs Long said: “Around two thirds of the signatures actually come from Stratton and the strength of feeling on the doorstep is very strong.

A spokesman for Honda said: “We are confident that our submitted application contains all the necessary detailed information needed by Swindon Borough Council to make an informed decision.”

The application is set to go before the planning committee meeting on Tuesday.

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9 thoughts on “Advertiser – “We don’t want these turbines””

  1. Perhaps we could actually have a breakdown of the figures, the article says 2/3rds are in Stratton Parish, how many are actually SM residents. I am aware most of the local villagers were ‘canvassed’. Given that it was our money used to fund the protest Blimp we have a right to know, how many SM residents cared enough to sign.

    Is this Petition to be made available for public scrutiny. When were people asked to sign it and where. My suggestion of a vote on the Green was deemed inappropriate because people didn’t understand sufficiently the Pros and Cons, why was the Turbine petition any different. Much of what I have read on this site was biased, out dated and erroneous. Just one example being the number of birds killed, using the US 75000, but not pointing out 1 billion birds a year are killed by other man made structures.

    1. I live in Stratton St. Margaret, just the other side of the A419, opposite Honda and I am all for the turbines. In fact I haven’t heard any body speaking against them apart from the organisers of Ill Wind.
      I left a detailed argument against Ill Wind’s “research” on their website and invited a response… none was forthcoming.
      Honda is making a very honourable attempt to cut it’s drain on resources, aiming to become a self sufficient, green company (in terms of energy usage). This should be applauded.
      The a gentleman came to my door in January with the petition and asked me to sign it. When I said I’m not concerned, there was no explanation why I should sign it and no attempt to find out why I didn’t want to.
      All we have had is a couple of inflammatory propaganda style leaflets through the door… No debate, no discussion, no finding out how we, in Stratton St. Margaret, actually feel.
      Then this petition is being handed submitted in our name?… not true!

      1. I do not think your view is representative of the people of Stratton.

        1,800 people have willingly signed the Illwind petition objecting to the turbines. I believe 900 of those were from Stratton & I will ask Illwind to confirm this number.

        I visited 140 houses in Coleview (Cullerne Road, Hill View Road & Nindum Road) with the petition on three Sunday afternoons in January and occupiers of 68 houses (96 signatures) chose to sign the petition, the occupiers of 12 houses chose not to & there was no answer from 60 houses.

        Coleview is about 1700 metres from the nearest turbine but many houses in Stratton are within 800 metres (the closest about 320 metres) and the overwhelming majority of Stratton residents who answered their doors have chosen to sign the petition.

        Darren Cook

  2. The lady from Illwind who compiled the petition and handed it into the Council says that: “Around two thirds of the signatures actually come from Stratton” was her response to the reporter’s question of the Stratton/South Marston ratio and that more than 900 Strattion residents have signed the petition (leaving about 450 from South Marston and others from surrounding villages and elsewhere).

    The fact that Illwind leaflets were delivered to residents prior to door-knocking for the petition (giving them time to research wind turbines and make up their own minds), and the fact that neither Mr Ayres nor anyone else was pressurised into signing, highlights that it is the residents who chose to sign of their own accord.

  3. So Darren as someone who wished to sell your land for development, but when it wasn’t included in the EDA you went on the offensive about ‘AD’s’, now you are against WT’s perhaps you could explain.

  4. I think you know exactly what I mean, as will other residents, and certainly the PC. As for the turbines you know as well as I do most people sign petitions and have no idea one way or the other. They would have simply read the Illwind propaganda, one might say lies, and though, ‘oh my god I’m going to die’. Illwind does not represent villagers merely their own ill conceived notions about turbines. The same type of thing happened at Watchfield but now there is no complaint at all.

    It is not the Turbines we need to worry about, it is still the very real potential for flooding. The excavation and diversion to it’s original course of South Marston Brook, the enforcement of drainage works on ditches adjacent to farm land and the general tidying up of the grass verges would go a long way to eleviate the problem we all face in the village.

    1. “I think you know exactly what I mean, as will other residents, and certainly the PC”

      I have no idea what you mean – spell it out.

      When have I tried to sell my land? What are “ADs”?

      I can quite easily explain my involvement with Illwind – at first I was sceptical & thought the objection was based on Nimbyism but I went to the Illwind meetings & researched wind turbines on the internet & decided they have good grounds for objection.

  5. AD’s are archaeological digs/sites. I too extensively investigated WT’s and found an abundance of evidence that superseded the claims made by Illwind.

    I do find it odd that the PC have given so much support to Illwind, including rate payers money and yet object to the notion that residents should have a vote on whether the PC should object to Village Green status on our behalf.

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