AEE Renewables: Solar Farm public viewing

AEE Renewables invite all members of the public to attend a PUBLIC VIEWING of the plans for a SOLAR FARM in the parish of South Marston.

Date: 16 February 2011
When: From 12 noon until 7pm
Where: South Marston Village Hall

You are invited by AEE Renewables to attend a public consultation which will take place from 12 noon to 7.00 pm.  AEE Renewables are proposing to apply for planning permission to install a solar farm on land adjoining South Marston village.  The land in question will still be used to graze sheep whilst harvesting the sun.  Full details will be on view on this day and representatives from AEE Renewables will be there to answer any questions or concerns.
Source: George T Paton MRICS FAAV FBIAC

3 thoughts on “AEE Renewables: Solar Farm public viewing”

  1. I wonder if the PC will oppose this development as they have the Wind Turbines. I suspect not because it doesn’t actually affect any Councillors. When Rupert intended to build a Biomass plant, the PC were totally disinterested despite the fact that it would have resulted in substantial disruption, damage to and visual impact on my end of the village, with up to 40 lorries a day.

    For my part I really don’t have a problem with it, as I don’t with the turbines which will be far more visible from my property than probably anywhere else in the village.

  2. Anybody know what is to be sown/planted etc? As wild meadow seed would be pretty and environmentally friendly. The local bee keepers could maybe set up some hives there . I know some looking for suitable sites.Save the bees I say. It certainly would not be suitable for sheep , as it makes a very loud buzzing noise , also the wire on the back of the panels would be a great temptation to this type of animal to nibble on and its right on their level .
    Of course the age old problem of flooding does not seem to of been addressed and back up to My Home is very possible or road flooding. Whilst I know there is a new culvert , not convinced its enough without clearing the ditch in the solar farm field. Last thing having guard dogs parading the site is a little worrying for the foot path users don’t you think?

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