Church News – March 2011

High Five

The next High Five service for children up to 5 years will be on 11th March at 10am in church. Please note the date.

‘Craft Company’

Our ‘company’ is growing in number as we enjoy meeting with others of like mind and share ideas, inspire and encourage each other and enjoy a natter while doing our crafts. Please come and join us on Wednesday 9th March 2–4pm at Dryden House. More details from Mary Cooper or Vicky Fleming.

Guttering News!!

In this months Tower and Tap, you will see how well we are doing in our efforts to protect the village church and heritage. You will see we have increased our fund since the last magazine. We have a long way to go and we need your support so we are making available cardboard ’guttering’ tubes which we are asking you to fill with your loose change etc and return to us. These are available from Donald Page and Meeting Point.

Stratton Team Ministry Lent Studies 2011

This year we are joining with other Christians and with the Diocese in celebrating the 400th year of being able to read the Bible in our own language. As part of this we are going to study Matthew’s Gospel in Lent. As a corporate Lenten Spiritual Discipline, following the leadership of our Bishops, we are encouraging people to join with Anglicans in the Diocese to read Matthew’s Gospel duringthe 6 weeks of Lent. This is roughly a chapter each working day. Everyone is of course free to do this is their own way, whatever best suits your taste and pattern, but here is an outline programme that you may find helpful useful available in church. You will also find in church the Lent Study Programme. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and seek to grow in our relationship with God and each other. Please make this part of your journey through Lent.

Meeting Point

Coffee morning with table top sales

(Please book your table by 10th March: £5 for people who live in the village, £10 for those outside and free to village organisations )

12th March from 9.30 –12 noon

In the Village Hall with refreshments provided by South Marston Church

Those who come often remark about the enjoyment of sitting down with a neighbour they haven’t seen for a while with a cake in one hand and a coffee in the other.

We look forward to seeing you

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