South Marston School News – March 2011

We have had a busy term here!

The hot school meals are as popular as ever and we had some more tasting sessions this term where the pupils and parents were very impressed by Caroline the cook’s yummy and nutritious dishes.

Class 4 have been busy continuing their maths link with Bishopstone Primary school. This term they had great fun problem solving together, measuring and working out dimensions in the outdoor environment in their village.

Class 3 have also been busy continuing their community link with Oaktree Primary school, where they had a fantastic day based around the topic of India. Miss Clarke organised a number of exciting activities for the day including clay pot making, dressing up and learning about tea planting. A number of parents from our village also really enjoyed taking part!

Next term we have even more exciting events going on. The week beginning the 28th February is our book week where we will be inviting a religious storyteller in as well as having a number of parents share their love of reading with the children.

There will also be a school disco for the children on April the 1st! Key stage times to be confirmed at a later date.

One thought on “South Marston School News – March 2011”

  1. Hello thank you all very much for your comments about my foods it is pleasure to see all children enjoying my nutritious dishes from the new term menu and they always say thank you to me.

    Thank you
    Caroline Horan

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