Police update – March 2011

A speeding operation took place in South Marston between 8am and 10am on 11th March 2011 in conjunction with the pupils from South Marston Primary School. The children have been working on a project in relation to speeding and were given the opportunity to use the camera and also pose questions to some motorists who were stopped for speeding and who would normally have received a verbal warning.

During the operation, one fixed penalty ticket was issued which will result in a fine and three points, a second person was reported to summons to court due to excessive speed and accumulation of driving points.

Pc Jackson said the operation was a great way for the community to become involved in an issue affecting the village. He was pleased to see how much the children enjoyed themselves and he said it was interesting that the drivers the children spoke to were residents of South Marston village.

The NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) are currently liaising with The Highway Agency about weight signage affecting 7.5 tonne HGVs
with a view to repositioning the signs in a more prominent position in the vicinity of the village. If residents notice any heavy goods vehicles driving through the village, please could they note down the registration number of the vehicle and also the company name and pass the information to the NPT either via email swindonruralnorthnpt@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk or by telephoning 0845 408 7000

Over the past two weeks there have been two burglaries in rural north villages, one at Castle Eaton and the other at Hannington. Both break-ins occurred during the afternoon when the properties were empty. Please ensure when you leave your property all windows are closed, all doors are locked and take all precautions to stop opportunists from entering. Also please report any suspicious persons or vehicles within the village to the telephone number or email address above or if necessary phone 999.

Could we please remind all allotment owners in South Marston to ensure their sheds are secure and no valuable equipment is left in them as there has been an increase in allotment break-ins across Swindon and this is likely to increase with summer fast approaching.

The police surgery this month in our area is a street meeting outside the church in Sevenhampton at 3pm to 3.30pm on 9th April 2011. If residents would like to speak to an officer they are welcome to come along to this meeting or alternatively an officer is usually present for the first 15 minutes of the monthly Parish Council meeting which is an open session for residents. The next meeting is at 7.30pm on April 19th in the village hall. If no officer is present then if appropriate, please pass the information to a Parish Councillor who will ensure the message is passed on to the police.

The crimes figures for February 2011 for South Marston village are 1 traffic related offence and 3 thefts (fuel from ESSO garage and South Marston Industrial Estate).

2 thoughts on “Police update – March 2011”

  1. One assumes that was just the result of the checks adjacent to the school. Not the 6 results Marc told me about.
    As for allotments one owner told me tonight he was not a happy bunny. The PC has put up the cost but not improved the services.

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