Property Level Protection Applications

The Environment Agency have informed Swindon Borough Council that DEFRA have agreed they can ring-fence £2million nationally, for property Level Protection schemes in the financial year 2011/12. Property Level Protection is available to residents who have endured flooding in South Marston.

There are tight timescales for submitting applications. Residents who feel they qualify and wish to apply for a funding grant to protect their property should send an expression of interest to before 8th April 2011.

Applications will then be processed by Swindon Borough Council through the Environment Agency on your behalf.

Key points:

  • Tight timescale for submitting applications. Expressions of interest to by 8th April 2011.
  • Swindon Borough Council will be informed of successful applications by 5th May 2011.
  • Schemes to be finished and money claimed by 31st March 2012.
  • Grant allocation is £4,250 per property (to include £500 on administration, no limit on survey costs).

For more information, please email: or visit the South Marston website where further details will be posted.


2 thoughts on “Property Level Protection Applications”

  1. I have just received a reply from the highwayasset email address publihed in the tower and tap stating that

    Swindon will process an application on your behalf, but before we can undertake this process will need you to provide all relevant information in line with the Environment Agencies Guidance on the household-level flood protection scheme. I have sent a copy of the Guidance and a Q&A sheet to your Parish. I therefore suggest you contact or visit their offices to obtain a copy. The guidance and question sheet will help you to provide the relevant information needed for Swindon to complete and process your application form.

    Can you please forward the relevant details so that I am able to make an application

    Many thanks

    Nicola Kennedy
    23 Greenfields
    South Marston

    contact number 826062

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