Village Green Application Update – April 2011

Objections to the Village Green application have been received by Swindon Borough Council and we now await the response. Having read the objections, I would like to allay the fears/concerns that some villagers have regarding usage of the recreation ground if Village Green status is granted:

  • Ownership and management of the recreation field would not be affected
  • SMRA will not be prevented from carrying on their much appreciated good work
  • Fund-raising activities can still place
  • Grass can still be cut by volunteers and there is no necessity to employ contractors to do this
  • Sports / Football teams can still play on the land (money raised assists SMRA to manage the site)
  • Children, dog walkers, joggers and families can all use in the same way as at present
  • Village Green status is the strongest protection against development (There is no covenant upon the land to prevent this.)

Through DEFRA I have contacted a Village Green expert who has confirmed the above points.

For those who are unfamiliar with the detail of the case submitted, the car park, the”cage”, the changing rooms, the land between them and the land behind the changing rooms are not included in the application.

The only thing this application seeks to achieve is prevent development of the land for the foreseeable future in order that we can all continue to enjoy it. Thanks again to all those who have aided and supported the application. Please feel free to call me on 820823.

Jill Little, South Marston

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