Litter in our Village

Discarded McDonalds packaging
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I walk my dog in areas of our village regularly throughout the week and I am astounded by the ever increasing amount of litter being thrown around it. I constantly see cans plastic bottles large fast food bags and contents and other litter that has just been chucked down. It is making our village look dreadful. It is bad at the top end of the rec near the hotel car park and the hotel car park is dreadful as well with lots of broken glass at times which poses a hazard to animals and children. Who is doing this and can they please stop or if anybody witnesses this kind of behaviour to report it to our local police officers.

Also can I urge  everyone that if they see litter to pick it up and dispose of it so we are all taking pride in our village where we live as well as caring for the environment. I as well as my family regularly collect lots of rubbish on our dog walks, but within days there is loads more again. It is very disheartening, but we will continue doing this to keep our village tidy as well as to protect the environment. Please help to do the same and better still don’t throw it down in the first place. Take it home or use a bin. Also remember to recycle what you can.

Mandie Olive


3 thoughts on “Litter in our Village”

  1. I agree with Mandie’s comments certainly OVL has more than it’s fair share which appears to be discarded by vehicles going into and leaving the village. Much of it ends up in the drainage ditches.

    What is also a real eye sore are the grass verges, that are frequently damaged by large vehicles simply not slowing down to allow sensible passing, and also the parking of vehicles on the verges. Perhaps these verges need cutting make and edging them properly which would widen the road surface.

  2. I agree with Mandy here.
    I also put a plea in to ALL dog owners as well, to make sure that you pick up any mess your dog makes, Or go one stage further and pick up the mess that less responsible owners have left as well.
    I am greatly saddened by the messes left on the pathway that leads beyond Chapel lane and throughout Nightingale wood.

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