Conservation Site Update – April 2011

The sun shone on a few hearty volunteers on Saturday 19th March. We had two new volunteers for the morning (Karen and Julie). Many thanks to everyone who was able to turn out.

We were able to empty all the bags of stone to build the new path area that Ray has finished laying out. It’s looking really good now and will soon be walkable from the pavement. However, we are a few tons of stone short and we are therefore looking for funds to help with the purchase of more stone.

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A great deal of hard work went into clearing the hedgerow of weeds and digging the trench in which to plant new hedging. The clearance is approx two thirds completed and the trench is just over half way. We were able to plant approx 80 new hedging plants complete with rabbit guard and cane. We have 70 plants left with 50 rabbit guards and canes remaining. We will need to purchase some more plants, guards and canes in order to complete it. All donations readily welcomed.

We were unable to do more work on the pond site due to lack of volunteers on the day. Whilst we have been given a pond liner we are having to dig out the hole to put in into.

The Parish Council has again supported our work with £500 toward the cost of the materials required to develop this site. However we still have to make grant applications for the larger amount of money required to complete the work to the winning designs from the village competition.

The next volunteer date is Saturday 16th April from 2.00 – 4.30 pm.

We do need more people to help us develop what will become a peaceful spot in the village. There are a few people consistently working hard on this project, but we do need more. Even if you can only spare an hour or so it will be very much appreciated. We will also need native plants, and of course money, to help us build two bridges, develop the pond and bog garden and many more ideas. See our plans on the village web site.

Why not come along and find out what we are trying to build.

Call Barry on 826697 if you would like more details.

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