Parish Council Update – May 2011

Swindon Borough Council Core Strategy Presentation in the Village Hall

On 12 April, Swindon Borough Council held their Roadshow on the Core Strategy and gave some indications about their thoughts on the expansion of the village.

The village expansion working party also put on a display of some of their work.

Over 130 villagers attended. Many were kind enough to complete a questionnaire about the proposals and raised several points of their own. Of the 100 questionnaires given out, some 60% have so far been returned.

The village expansion working party are analysing the completed questionnaires and are also trying to obtain from Swindon Borough Planners, the answers to some of the questions and concerns raised by villagers.

Once this work has been completed, it is the intention of the village expansion working party to invite villagers to another meeting to hear the results of the questionnaires and to discuss the implications of these and some of the other points raised in greater detail. It is hoped that this can be arranged during May 2011.

Because it is not always convenient for villagers to attend on an evening, it is hoped to run the feed back meetings at different times of the day and on different days of the week in order to allow as great a participation of villagers as possible. When these meetings have been finalised, we will deliver a leaflet through your door giving you the detailed arrangements. We hope you will all continue to attend these meeting, as your views are important.

Flooding Photographs

The Parish Council would be grateful if anyone with photographs of flooding in the proposed building area could get in touch. Either email your pictures to the Parish Clerk at or drop pictures in to any Parish Councillor. Thank you.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 24th

May at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. An agenda will be published prior to the meeting on the village website and on village noticeboards.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The woodland at the back of St. Julian’s Close is currently being managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust as a village facility. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have been working with the local Primary School to design a bench and seating around a woodland theme. A local artist has been commissioned to make the bench. The artwork will be unveiled on July 14th.

For further information please contact Neil Pullen, Swindon Wildlife Officer on

One thought on “Parish Council Update – May 2011”

  1. It is good news that daytime meetings are to be arranged. With regard to flooding issues and photographs, this is far better evidence than the computer ‘models’ the EA rely on. You can’t argue with what you can see or watch. I would add video’s to the list of information required on flooding.

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