South Marston C of E School News – June 2011

We have again been busy…

Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & ...
Image by Defence Images via Flickr

On Thursday 28th April the school celebrated the Royal wedding by dressing up in red, white and blue and taking part in a number of activities including flag decorating, learning about members of the Royal family and hat making. We also really enjoyed decorating the school with bunting and having a special lunch complete with yummy wedding cake!

Our school breakfast club started on 3rd of May and is proving to be a great success. The club runs every day from 8am and the children have been really enjoying eating breakfast together before chatting, playing games and taking part in activities. The club is run by our fantastic school cook Caroline Horan and we would like to thank her for making it something that the children really look forward to.

Spices in Mapusa Market, Goa, India.
Image via Wikipedia

On Monday 9th May Class 1 enjoyed a trip to the Indian restaurant ‘Jewel in the Crown’ in Swindon as part of their topic ‘All around the World’. They had a great time learning about the spices, folding napkins into their famous crowns, dressing parents in saris and even got to experience cooking in chef’s outfits in their kitchen! We would like to thank the staff at the restaurant for their warm welcome as well as the parents who helped to make the day so successful.

2 thoughts on “South Marston C of E School News – June 2011”

  1. Breakfast club thank you all very much for your comments im so very happy that all chidren who attend breakfast club are enjoying all activities and its a pleasure to be part of this breakfast club south marston school.

    Caroline Horan

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