Tower and Tap – June 2011

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This months edition includes:-

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One thought on “Tower and Tap – June 2011”

  1. 2016 Development Jacki PItt
    Neill Burchell

    1. Since the flood damage project and new culvert has only just been completed, it is too early to say that this is effective. We need
    to be certain that this is sufficient to protect residents in the village at its present size.

    2.Initial development with less than 300 units would allow further assessment of flood management and traffic density.
    The initiial suggestion of the ‘brown field sites’ in the village to be developed first is a good one.

    The village WORKING PARTY do need to pressurise the selected developers via SBC consultations that the housing should not be more
    than 2 storeys which would be in line with the current village housing. All allowed housing should incorporate the very best efficiency
    in insulation, heat sources and water management. There is a project near Bicester including these aspects which coulod be visited by
    the working party. It was featured on television in recent weeks.

    The housing stock should include a wide variety of housing type – It would be good to include some retirement housing such as
    The Richmond Village site at Letcombe Regis. There is nothing like this anywhere near here. Close villages such as Wanborough, Bourton,
    Shrivenham and Stanton Fitzwarren contain only a limited number of council run senior citizen housing.

    3. The suggestion that the Highworth Road should be closed to traffic has not been evaluated. The four week closure due to work on
    the culvert has certainly highlighted the fact that Highworth is an essential route to be kept open, providing a swift access to
    Library, Leisure Services, banks, building societies, estate agents, physio therapy, chropody, solicitors, hairdressers, dentists,
    doctors and a range of shops by a direct route.

    1. During of this weekende weekend I received two further flyers – I’m not certain which local organisation generated them. They related to wind
    turbines development but not at HONDA. I supported the protest group on that issue.

    However I had written in my objection documents that my preferred type of development of wind turbine sites would be for larger
    projects, more effectively managed, these would allow for uniformity of appearance/efficiency and would necessitate these
    larger installations to be sited to maximise collection from higher sites and therefore could be further from residential
    houing. 2-3 kilometres would be excellent.

    Developemnts that I have seen in other European countries have all be in areas whihc maximise the effect of winds – on high elevations
    and well away from housing. These would certainly seem to be the bench mark.

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