Meet your MEP – William Dartmouth

Date: Monday 27th June 2011

Time: 7:15 pm

Venue: Forrest Suite, South Marston Hotel, Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston, Swindon, SN3 4SH

William Dartmouth MEP, is one of six UK MEPs representing the South West, elected in the 2009 European elections. Please come along and hear what he’s doing and ask any questions that you may have.

Their original promotional flyer is available here.

Source: The Office of William Dartmouth MEP, 31 West Street, Wilton, Wilts, SP2 0DL


FYI: To see a list of the MEPs representing your region:**ALL**&filter2=**ALL**&filter6=**ALL**&filter4=**ALL**&submit=Submit


One thought on “Meet your MEP – William Dartmouth”

  1. Jason McGoldrick, one of the Hungarian EAW ( European Arrest Warrant) victims is to speak alongside Lord Dartmouth.

    If you recall Jason and his business partner were arrested and taken to Hungary amid unfounded allegations of fraud when they ran a business in Hungary. Lord Dartmouth secured their release and still to date there have been no charges.

    This type of thing is happening more and more to UK citizens none of us are immune to this action however innocent we may be. Please come along to hear Jason’s horrendous account.

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