South Marston School News – July 2011

Windsor Castle
Image by Shaojin+AT via Flickr

We have again been busy…

Last term Class 2 went on a fantastic trip to Windsor Castle. What made it even more exciting was the fact that The Queen was actually in residence at the time! They saw the state apartments and the room with all the coats of arms. This was especially interesting as Class 2 have been learning about their own family’s coat of arms. One child from the village even spotted his family’s coat of arms on the wall! They were also able to take part in a learning session about the castle and had the chance to dress up as knights in armour and learn what they did in the past. Everyone had a great day.

Also last term Class 3 had a special Viking visitor as part of their topic. Thor the Viking was very friendly and informative about the Viking way of life. Amongst other things the pupils learned about how they dressed, worked, cooked, enjoyed music and fought. The children and staff had an amazing day.

This term we have taken part in Fathers’ Story week and the children have loved having their Dads come in to school to join in with our fun. Amongst other things they have joined in with house building, gardening, PE, ICT and storytelling.

Many Dads from the village have taken part and we would like to thank all the Dads for their continued support.

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