Challenge Swindon – Summer Community Games

There is something for everyone to enjoy at our free summer community games, from adults and children to young people and grand parents.

Games are great! They bring people together and get people playing. It’s a great way to make new friends in your community.

Each session runs from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and activities on offer include multi-sports, frisbee golf, volleyball, football, tag, dodgeball and lots more. So come out to play… and we promise you’ll be home for tea.

Location Day Date
Quarry Road, Old Town Monday 25th July to 22nd August
Spots vs Stripes 22nd August
Meadowcroft, Upper Stratton Tuesday 26th July to 23rd August
Spots vs Stripes 23rd August
Buckhurst Fields, Parks and Walcot Wednesday 3rd to 24th August
Spots vs Stripes 24th August
Sevenfields, Penhill Thursday 28th July to 25th August
Spots vs Stripes 25th August
St Marks, Central Friday 29th July to 26th August
Spots vs Stripes 19th August
Rec Ground, Chiseldon Saturday Spots vs Stripes 30th July
Walters Close, Peatmoor Saturday Spots vs Stripes 6th August
Blunsdon Saturday Spots vs Stripes 13th August
Weir Field, Wroughton Saturday Spots vs Stripes 20th August

All activities are run by qualified coaches.

Cadbury Spots vs Stripes

To celebrate being the official treat provider to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cadbury has created Spots v Stripes – the biggest, longest, most fun game ever. And to give everybody the chance to play, Spots v Stripes will be touring the country and bringing big games to towns and cities all across the UK this summer.

For more information contact Doug Imrie on 01793 465405 or or visit

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