Friendly Club -recent activities

The Friendly Club – Recent Events.

Tuesday 12th July

We were entertained by Gillian Monk, an optician, on the topic ‘A room with a view’ which was a comical talk on exploring the eye. Details of common conditions of the eye were explored. The solutions available with the outcomes to deal with were explained.

Tuesday 19th July – Outing

Our visit to Kew Gardens went well. Late in the afternoon was the only rain we had which did not distract from the visit. Photographs of items in the gardens are shown in the following slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Friendly Club – Future Events.

Tuesday 13th September – in the Village Hall at 2.00pm.

A demonstration will be given by Debbie Williams on the making of sweets. Member participation will be expected, to have hands on experience.

Tuesday 20th September – Mystery Tour

The coach will leave from outside the school at 10.00am. Return to South Marston will be about 5.00pm

Monday 3rd to7th October (inclusive) – Holiday to Torquay

Our 5 days holiday to Torquay staying at the Kistor Hotel has some double rooms still available. All single rooms have been allocated. If you would like to join us on this holiday, call Josie on 828080. It is available to senior citizen non members. The cost is £249 per person for a double/twin room for members and non members.

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