Summer Fete 2011 – Thank You

SMRA (South Marston Recreation Association) Fete Committee would like to give a huge thank you to all of the helpers who made the 2011 fete such a success.

Villagers helped with putting up marquees, road signs, bunting, hay bales etc on the day before. We had many helpers on the day, with car parking, car boot, programme selling, stall-holders, refreshments, bar, tug of war, duck race, etc. The band in the evening was a great chance to just relax and enjoy the rest of the day, before packing it all up again on Sunday.

Thank you to our sponsors, too – Mitchy Motors, Conway & Laker and Yuasa Batteries.

SMRA now have another £1,700 in the bank and will shortly be putting in more swings, this time for older children, into the playing field. We also hope to be installing two more pieces of play equipment later in the year, as long essential repairs on the Village hall entrance porch do not prove to be too expensive. New blinds are also needed in the Village hall, but we are hopeful that after several years of profitable fetes, we may be able to pay for more items from our “wish list”.

When the stall takings from all of the other village groups and organisations are added to our fete figures, there is a total profit of well over £2,000.

This is also a good time to publicly thank our noble team of voluntary grass-cutters for the playing field, many of whom have done it for years – Lionel Cave-Ayland, Alan Phillips, Gary Comley, Chris Maull, Simon Wright-Cooper and Stuart Tomlinson.

If anyone else would like to join in with the planning for next year’s fete, or for early thoughts on a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party and celebrations, please contact either Mary Case on 826038 or Jenny McEwen on 825312 (who both also cleaned and painted the inside of the bus shelter – it looks a great deal more inviting now). There will be an initial meeting in the Carriers in early September.

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