The Gateway Project

A team of specialist advisers for voluntary and community organisations in Swindon

Are you an established charity or community group, or thinking of starting one, and based in Swindon? Do you work with volunteers?

Do you need help finding funding? Do you need help with training and development?

The Gateway project can help you!

The Gateway project has brought together a team of four specialist advisors from Voluntary Action Swindon, Volunteer Centre Swindon, Charities Infor-mation Bureau South & West, and Community First. These organisations will provide free support to voluntary and community groups.

The Gateway Project offers information, advice and guidance in the key areas of finance and fundraising; volunteering, developing volunteers and volunteer management for community and voluntary organisations in Swindon.

Any voluntary, community or not-for-profit organisation in Swindon could benefit from this support from very small informal support groups or those just setting up to larger and/or more established organisations.

If you would like some help with:

  • Advice on funding:
    • Contact: Jane Butler at the Charities Information Bureau
    • Tel: 01380 729279
    • email:
  • Running your group:
  • Youth Activities:
  • Volunteering:
    • Contact: Louise Hallett at Volunteer Centre Swindon
    • Tel: 01793 420557
    • email: lou@swindonvolunteers.

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