Gardening Club Update – Oct 2011

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Recent Events

On Saturday 20th August we held our Annual Flower and Produce Show. Even though the number of exhibits were down on the flower side of the show, it proved to be a success ( more flowers next year hopefully).

Here are the results:

  • Challenge Cup for vegetables – Michael New
  • Bill Smith Trophy for best dahlia – Joanne Wright
  • Rose Bowl for flowers – Julie Wright
  • Flower Arrangers Cup – Rita Smith
  • Cookery Trophy – Angela Newton
  • Photographers Cup – June Weller

On Monday 5th September we were given an incite into the history of Park Rangers and their work today in the Swindon area. It’s hard to believe that as far back as the 1800’s rangers looked into how to preserve the countryside and how they are still pursuing their ambitions today. Did you know there are over 150 parks and open spaces in the borough?

Future Events

Our next meeting will be on Monday 3rd October at 7:30pm. We will be hearing about the history of Catsbrain Farm from its owner Eric Barnes. Knowing Eric as we do it’s sure to be full of stories that entertain and amuse.

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