SMRA Update – Oct 2011

South Marston Playing Field

For several years, profits from the annual Summer Fete & Christmas Bazaar have been nominated for up-grading the children’s play area, with particular attention towards the older children. During September, another set of swings was installed, made possible with a generous grant from the F&E Harris Memorial Trust. By the end of the year, we would hope to also have the pendulum swing and new roundabout in place. However, the tarmac path around the school perimeter is in need of repair, so there may have to be some juggling with the budget.

SMRA is now looking to our next project. We would like to hear from anyone with ideas for what they would like to see on the field. This would not necessarily have to be orientated towards the village children, who are probably now fairly well catered for. Another major group of villagers who use the field is dogwalkers, and we thank them very much for their continued clearing up after their pets.

If you have any thoughts on future projects on the field, please contact:

Mary Case

  • 01793 826038
  • 41, Greenfields,

Jenny McEwen

  • 01793 825312
  •  South Marston Church Farmhouse, South Marston

You can either give us a ring or put a note through the door of the addresses above, or come to an SMRA meeting.

The F&E Harris Memorial Trust

SMRA is extremely grateful to the Trust for its very generous grant of £1,100, which has paid for a set of swings and safety surface on the village playing field. We are most appreciative of the prompt response from the trustees, which enabled us to take advantage of the offer of a good quality but previously used set of swings, which we obtained at a considerable discount.

Crocodile Packaging

For several years, Crocodile Packaging has been very kindly supporting many of the village organisations, not only with donation money for raffle prizes, but also towards funds for specific projects. The committee members of the various groups are aware of Crocodile Packaging’s support, but possibly not the villagers generally. We thank them for their interest in our community.

SMRA Meetings

SMRA meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, usually in the Village Hall, but occasionally elsewhere if the hall is already booked.

Please check on the village website to confirm the location if you would like to come to a meeting, or phone either Mary Case on 01793 826038 or Julie Hatherall on 01793 979287.

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