Church News – Oct 2011

St. Mary Magdalene Church, South Marston.
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High Five

The High Five service for children up to 5 years is changing days and we will keep you informed of the dates we meet. Unfortunately a separate service in October won’t be possible because of Vicky Vicar’s other commitments which makes Snowy and her friends very sad. See you in November!

‘Craft Company’

We meet again at Dryden House, Mary Cooper’s home on Wednesday 12th October at 2pm. if you love crafting then come and join us for inspiration and encouragement as well as good company. More details please contact Vicky Fleming or Mary.

The Rosemary Service

Sunday 30th October at 6.15pm at St. Margaret’s Church, Stratton

A time to remember and give thanks by lighting a candle

for those who have died.

Celebrating Harvest

11am Sunday 2rd October at South Marston Church

A Service for all ages. A warm and happy welcome awaits you.

There is a Stratton Team Ministry Lunch at St. Margaret’s Centre, Stratton following the service—if you would like to come please obtain a ticket from Vicky

 Saturday Scene

Saturday Scene for young families is on 15th October in the Village Hall 4pm to 5.15pm

Contact Donald Page on 825693


When you are thinking about Christmas gifts don’t forget that South Marston Church Tea towels are still for sale £3.50 or 2 for £6—contact Vicky Fleming

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