Now we are two!

It is now just over two years since I took on the running of the South Marston website, and so I thought that it would be a good change to update you with some statistics about the village website.

The website currently has:

  • 428 Posts
  • 269 Comments (and a further 4923 spam comments)
  • 29 email update subscribers – Do you subscribe?
  • Averaging 2200 page views / month
  • 50, 656 views ever!

The sites busiest day was September 15 2010, when the site was viewed 208 times.

The most popular post so far is: Wind Turbines Update – 29th July 2010, which is also our most commented post.

So I would like your feedback, to know what you think of the site, and how to make the site even better for the residents of South Marston. Leave your comments below.


Donald Jones

3 thoughts on “Now we are two!”

  1. Since it’s revamp I have found the site to be a useful source of local news and information. I think it is a shame that so few seem to use it, actively and engage with others.

    I was particularly interested in renewing my acquaintance with the Aug2010 turbine exchange, and comparing it with the current anti turbine campaign, indeed many of the observations made by Mike appear to be evident in terms of misleading and anecdotal information being reported as fact.

    The comments about the 72 yearold also rang true given my own personal experiences over this issue.

    Keep up the good work Donald, and let’s hope more people use the facility in the future. You never know it could help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

  2. Donald:
    The continuity that you have brought to the website provides a platform for it to grow into the major local news source for the village. It is to be hoped that the increasing usage over the Turbine application will lead to a regular user base.
    Thanks for your willing work.
    Possibly time for a prompt for the automatic link?

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