Advertiser – Council says no to wind turbines

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The Swindon Advertiser reported last night on the outcome of the Wind Turbine planning meeting:

THERE was a standing ovation at the Wyvern Theatre tonight as hundreds of members of public performed miracles to prevent the erection of wind turbines at the Honda plant in South Marston.

At a special meeting of the planning committee held at the Wyvern Theatre councillors rejected Honda’s application to build three wind turbines with nine councillors voting against the plans.

Speaking after the decision chairman of the Ill Wind campaign group Des Fitzpatrick, 64, of South Marston, said: ”I am delighted with the result, it is tremendous.

“It speaks very well for all the people here and for the council.

“I just hope Honda, in light of this, will not appeal and will begin repairing the damage they have done to the community.”

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2 thoughts on “Advertiser – Council says no to wind turbines”

  1. The power of democracy or the power of the mob. If Honda go to appeal they will win, HMG/EU policy will prevail and the rate payers of Swindon will be faced with costs which could amount to £100k. There have been lots of appeals and to my knowledge I think all have been won.

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