SME Group – Nov 2011

This small group of villagers has been meeting to talk about and share experiences of being in business for about 2 years. We come from a variety of backgrounds and our experience of being in business varies from a few months to several years; but we all have something to contribute. In 2010 the group members were able to share knowledge and skills on subjects as diverse as business processes, presenting your business and time management. It’s not a formal group – we meet in each other’s homes, chat and usually enjoy something good to eat and drink.

We’d like to invite anyone with an interest in business or enterprise (you don’t have to run a business) to join us at our meetings, which take place on the first Thursday of each month. You don’t have to commit to every meeting and it costs nothing.

In November Georgina Kirby will be sharing her expertise on process control and helping us to think about how we do things in ways which cut down waste within our businesses – not rubbish, but the time and other resources we might waste. We learned so much from Georgina when she spoke to us about this last year and used the process of making a cup of tea to help us think about how we do everyday tasks and how we might make improvements to the way we do things. We will meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd November at 12 Manor Park.

If you’d like to come please call Hannah Jones on 01793 823035 or e-mail her at

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