Church News – Feb 2012

Christmas Gifts

At Christmas there was an opportunity to give a gift towards the church‘s fabric fund. I would like to thank you for your generosity; the appeal raised £798 some of which was ‗gift aided‘ and will eventually yield more from the taxman. This is the best response we have had for a Christmas appeal so thank you again.

On Christmas Eve we had such a wonderful Christingle service with standing room only—we were able to send £200 to the Children‘s Society.

High Five

The next High Five service for children up to 5 years will be on 22nd February at 10am

Saturday Scene

Saturday Scene meets on the 11th February in the Village Hall 4-5.15pm.
An exciting church event for young families. Stories, songs, crafts, games and food.

Contact Donald Page on 825693

‘Craft Company’

It is so good to get together with others of like mind and share ideas, inspire and encourage each other and enjoy a natter while doing our crafts. Please come and join us on Wednesday 8th February 2–4pm at Dryden House. More details from Mary Cooper or Vicky Fleming.

Moving experience!

George and I will be sad to move to the Rectory in Kenwin Close—all of 2.2 miles but we still hold you very much in our hearts. I am still the Vicar of South Marston and hope to continue to build the relationships between church and village. Please do keep in contact and don‘t forget to come to Meeting Point so that we can have a chat.

God Bless,


Lent Course: ‘God is closer than you think’

Our Lent course begins on Ash Wednesday 22nd February, 7pm at St. Margaret‘s Church.
We shall then be meeting every Monday at 7.30pm in St. Margaret’s Centre, Kenwin Close. The six sessions are as follows:

  1. God‘s great desire for people
  2. Where is God in my world?
  3. Partnering with God today
  4. Listening to the voice of God,
  5. God wants a relationship with you
  6. Heaven breaking through.

This is a journey that will help you to experience God‘s presence in the busy matrix of your life, hear God speak in ways you can understand, and discover God‘s desire to be with you in this moment.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Meeting Point

Coffee morning with table top sales

(Please book your table by 9th Feb: £2.50 for people who live in the village, £5 for those outside and free to village organisations )

11th February from 10 –12.30pm In the Village Hall

Refreshments provided by South Marston Church

Those who come often remark about the enjoyment of sitting down with a neighbour they haven‘t seen for a while with a cake in one hand and a coffee in the other.

Church Services (at South Marston Church unless otherwise stated)

5th February 11.00am Family Service
12th February 8.00am Holy Communion BCP
9.30am Holy Communion
19th February 10.00am Team Service St Margaret’s
22nd February 7.00pm Ash Wednesday Service St Margaret’s
26th February 8.00am Holy Communion BCP
9.30am Morning Worship
4th March 11.00am Family Service
11th March 8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Holy Communion
18th March 9.30am Morning Worship
25th March 8.00am Holy Communion
10.00am Team ServiceSouth Marston

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